Out in the Stars

Horoscope for July 18-31 The Sun enters Leo, forging some happy inroads in our personal goals and ambitions. Life becomes more optimistic and expansive. Not a moment too soon!


Hang on tight. Gay Rams find time in their busy schedules to hop on the party train, and take the grand tour. Wilde romances are possible, but is it a trip to the moon on gossamer wings? (Pack a parachute.) On the bright side, it is the perfect time to spread yourself thin in anything artistic and creative. You’re in top form. Thin is one thing—dissipated is another.

Queer Bulls turn their attention to intractable family issues, with some success. Sun in Leo hits home, so be prepared to handle a range of heavy physical and psychological tasks. Have you allowed your surroundings to stagnate? Have you been true to yourself? Or have you been conforming to others’ expectations and values? Be free! Be yourself! But don’t Behave!

Pink Twins can’t help but open their big yaps, spill the beans, and feed the rumor mill with gusto. Keep the speculation high—it will make you the one in the know, to know. Everyday encounters offer new opportunities for profit. So, be especially cognizant of the little neighborly things you need to do that bring others joy. Ah, but when in doubt, offer cash.

What do you truly value, pink Crab? Sun in Leo tests the limits of all that you hold near and dear. If you have been less than generous in the past, the fates now empty your pockets. If you feel trapped by the trappings of life, you now are given an escape hatch. If you’re one of the many deserving, the money will be there when you need it. Buddy, can you spare a dime?

Proud Lions are given a ticket to a great new adventure. This is the time to find room to roam. Any relationship that confines you will be tossed aside like so much trash. You’ll present a new face to the world, and the world will respond graciously. So, don’t barricade yourself in your house. No time like the present to get up and Out and about.


Feel the breeze, gay Virgo. Sun in Leo brings a breath of fresh air. Anything that you’ve repressed and stuffed away in that closet explodes on the scene. Seek psychological and spiritual enlightenment. Problems that remain hidden and repressed lead to compulsions and obsessive behavior. We don’t want that, do we? Do we? Do we? Do we? Do we?

Proud Libras can become pushier and impatient, with Sun in Leo. This is good. Have you reached your limit with all the rules? Seek a change of scenery or a revolution! The pablum that the group-think has been serving is beginning to curdle. Disembark, and find new social circles. Start with the A list, and work down through the alphabet. It gets better as you go, I’ve heard.

Gay Scorps try to overthrow the status quo. Clashes with authority figures become unavoidable, especially if you are less than pleased with your current position, and feel stale and bored. Plot your ascent and corporate takeover. You have ample verve and charm to make any effort a strong, successful one. They say that it is lonely at the top, but I say give it a try!


Sun in Leo changes your global outlook, and sends you off on some much-needed international travel. Open your mind to new ideas, and view the world from a different angle (sidelong?). You can go though a much-needed reflection phase. Call it a learning experience. Yes, even brilliant gay Archers need a nudge in the right direction every so often. Nudge, nudge.


Feel a volcano erupting? It’s Sun in Leo throwing some weight around. Pink Caps get their mojo in motion. Whoo hoo! The old way of doing things no longer will do. Free yourself from the past, and let yourself enjoy every delicious moment. You need fresh air to breathe, and will seek it consciously or subconsciously. Resistance is futile, but restraints can be sexy.


Examine the quality of one-to-one relationships, Aqueerian. Sun in Leo tests any limited partnerships. For those in a feathered nest, use this time to fluff and rearrange. For those who ache to sip the waters at another well, you may be tempted to dive in. You require more adoration now, but the secret to your success will be when you give more to your special someone than you receive.


Guppies respond in an entirely new way to obligations. Cast off your chains, comrade. Break free from the repressive working patterns of your life. Find an antidote to all your physical and mental stress. This may mean that you explore other job options. Or, it can mean that you find better ways of channeling your stress. In lieu of the economy, I advise the latter.

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