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Horoscope for June 20-July 2 How will your ambitions mold your actions? It remains to be seen, when the Sun enters Cancer. Anything you do to get yourself well-positioned eventually will lead to success—unless that position is prone.


Gay Rams have remarkable staying power and energy reserves, with Sun in Cancer. Not only can you see the lay of the land, but also you are able to solidify your base of operations. Make substantive additions to a major personal project, and take it to the next step. Clear away long-standing family disagreements that hamper your progress. Pretend to agree, if you have to.


Anything you think or say can have global impact. So, the secret to your success will be to choose carefully the what, when, where, how, and why of your personal mission, and take the first giant step this period. Queer Bulls have a tendency to lie back, and wait for the world to come to them. Change your inclination, and move forward, before someone steps on you.


Pink Twins find that the demands of lovers can get them into a financial bind. This may not be a bad thing, if you can afford the extra expense. But for those with tight wallets, try to refrain from using money to control relationships. Yes, it is easier than rocking the love boat, but sometimes, things need to capsize in order to see what is going on underneath.


All eyes continue to be upon you, gay Crab. Can you remain confident and calm while you remain in the center of the circus? Capture a zen-like moment this period, and don’t let the dazzle frazzle. Things come softly down and back to earth soon enough. Then, you can continue forward in any personal plans, and manage expectations—yours and theirs.


Secret enemies at work make themselves known, so you can handle and control the situation once and for all. Good. Proud Lions work too long and too hard for some interloper to come in, wrest control, and take all the credit. Not only do you have a guardian angel, but also you have an intuition that leads you to where you need to be. Err…Paris?


Not only does your social calendar fill up, but also you manage to find several ways to dissipate your energies in a range of pastimes and games. Queer Virgins also can expect a wild romance that gnaws at the sensibilities of certain friends. Whew!—what a range of shenanigans! Enjoy every moment. You will have plenty of time to relax and recharge in a couple of weeks.


Proud Libras can reach the pinnacle of their careers over the span of the next few weeks. But will it come at the expense of your home and family life? How much time do you need to pour into professional pursuits? It would be a shame finally to reach the corner office, while you also turn a corner with a certain someone. Or maybe money will buy love?


If you are given a chance to travel, don’t turn it down. Proud Scorps may feel tired and lazy, but that should be overcome. Not only does it expose you to interesting and impactful people, but also it offers opportunities to expand your base of power and influence. If you simply cannot get away at this time, explore other global avenues. Fish the Internet, and see what you catch.


Influential, moneyed folks begin to notice your worth. Well, it’s about time! Gay Archers have been trying to get the attention of the few and powerful, but to no avail. Now, not only can you impress, but also you profit. Refrain from your tendency to be brutally honest. For now, lie, subvert, and cajole. Better still, say nothing, and let things take their course.


Partners want more attention. In fact, they seem to want all the attention. And they want to have their way when and where they want it, which seems to be all the time. Sigh. Pink Caps have to discover incentives to keep relationships on course. For those on the prowl, find an amply stocked watering hole where you can take a dip without being washed.


It will be no surprise to you to discover that things are not as they first appeared. Aqueerians have a well-developed sixth sense, and saw that a lot was going on below the surface. Work with what you now know to be true. Turn the situation around. Not only will you finally benefit from your efforts, but also you will be in a prime position to decide what happens next.


Independent Guppies may get their fins entangled in someone’s net now. Romantic possibilities can divert your attentions from any tasks at hand, and offer a pleasant interlude and temporary diversion. The best place to meet and greet is among groups of friends of friends or with new organizations. Here is the chance to get involved—very involved.

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