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Horoscope for June 6-19 Mercury retrogrades, making our well-chosen words a little less so. If you think your opinion should count, wait a couple of weeks before you share your thoughts. In the meantime, stew and slowly boil.


Proud Rams usually think they have all the right answers. Well, maybe you do, but you will find few who will agree with you now. Mercury retrogrades, fouling up your communication, thought process, and intent. If you need to make waves, prepare to stir up the waters after the 19th. In the meantime, loll in your dingy, and see if you can navigate around some buoys.


If you are preparing to dance with the bulls and bears, start your music late next period. Retro Mercury makes your best investment strategies shrouded in mystery and false hopes. Queer Bulls can do substantive fiscal research, and make some small advances in their portfolio, but for the full effect, watch, wait, look, and carefully listen.


You think that you can make a grand first impression, but it might be better to hold off on any important meetings until after the 19th. You want to mean what you say, and say what you mean, but your words can miss their mark. Try to stay on the sidelines and look confident. You will have time to state your case while you “habeas your corpus” soon enough.


Your intuition is on the blink during retro Mercury. Gay Crabs think they know exactly what is going on behind the scenes. They are convinced of the motivations of others. They would bet on certain turn of events. But it is all fog and imagination. Take some time to rest and relax. Meditate, do some yoga, even study the tarot. Don’t agitate.


Friends may get on your nerves, and vice versa. They (or you) may say or do things that can be misinterpreted. Proud Lions seem to be out of step with the group dynamic. But all is not socially lost. You can enjoy any friendly get-together, as long as you don’t try to commandeer the festivities. It will be difficult for you to hold back, I know. But it is advisable.


Do you think that you are the sugar of the corporate suite? Think again, queer Virgin. Mercury retrogrades, making your best professional moves a little out of step with the rest of the C-level. Instead of trying to get ahead, take some time off to recharge and reexamine your strategy. You may find that some of your plans need to change. Full speed ahead next period.


Proud Libras may find that traveling is more trouble than it is worth, when Mercury retrogrades. Will your luggage get lost? Will you leave your toothbrush? Will your plans unexpectedly change? All is possible now. When in doubt, enjoy the comforts of your home until midmonth, and have all exotic treats delivered. Hmm, anyone we know?


Words of love may not hit their mark, with retro Mercury. Will this cramp your style? Probably not, but it might not get you what or whom you want when you want. So, instead of making a speech, why not let your actions speak louder and prouder than your words. Either that, or quietly contemplate your best moves, and wait until you can make your intentions known better.


Relationships may have their ups and downs, when Mercury retrogrades. Chalk it up to miscommunication, and find ways of pampering each other. When balm won’t soothe the chaff, seek your separate corners, and wait until next period. Single gay Archers are better off being the strong silent types for the time being. Does heavy breathing count?


As much as you would like to buckle down, and accomplish a few assorted tasks, it will be difficult to hunker down, and get things done. Maybe it’s because you are distracted easily. Or maybe it’s because you are unable to get the proper directions or instructions. Find any opportunity to do more of the things that you really enjoy…like bossing others around.


Fun can become more trouble than it is worth, during the Mercury retrograde. Aqueerians not only seem accidentally to miss or forget about important festivities, but also might also feel somewhat drained and uncreative. Don’t give up the muse—this is a temporary snafu. Quietly recharge your batteries away from the conga line, and prepare to jump back in next period.


Guppies think they can enjoy the comfort of their home, but that might be more difficult this period. Little things go on the fritz around the house. Phone calls are missed, mail goes awry, and little projects seem to stall and take a detour. Why ask why? Table your domestic agenda, and seek your jollies farther afield. Hey, any excuse to get Out and party!

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