Northrop Dance presents the Whiz: Moneyapolis

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In The Whiz: Moneyapolis, Northrop Dance at the University of Minnesota presents Nicholas Leichter Dance with Monstah Black in collaboration with Bedlam Theatre and Intermedia Arts.

Featuring choreography by New York City-based Leichter and a commissioned score by infamous club performer Black with added musical selections, The Whiz: Moneyapolis is a full-spectrum original theatrical extravaganza of song and dance inspired by the movie musical The Wiz.

Leichter is working with several local artists who feature several surprises during the performances: Shannon Blowtorch, Kenna-Camera Cottman, Mad King Thomas (with a reimagine of their infamous polar bear dance), Jeffry Lusiak, and The Real Hauswives of Hennepin County. The legendary Cee Cee Russell will perform her tribute to Diana Ross, as will the stunning dancer and choreographer Leah Nelson.

The Whiz: Moneyapolis
May 4-8
Intermedia Arts
2822 Lyndale Ave. S., Mpls.
(612) 625-6600




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