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The Internet originally was developed for the use of the United States military, but since it went public in the early 1990s, it has revolutionized almost every aspect of modern life. Real estate professionals were quick to jump on the Internet bandwidth wagon, creating and maintaining searchable-listings databases, but many such sites were cumbersome, and difficult to navigate.

Travis Callstrom. Photo Courtesy of New Home Store Realty

In 2004, Travis Callstrom, a real estate agent with Re/Max, taking inspiration from successful retail sales and auction sites, founded New Home Store Realty. A property listing on that company’s website offers much more than the usual entry, including professional photography, virtual tours, and detailed information, plus the ability to e-mail listings and schedule a showing with one click of the mouse.

Buying a home never has been an especially easy process, and in this economic climate, it can be downright problematic. However, the upside to the current market trend is that tremendous deals are to be had.

Callstrom is one of a few realtors who work directly with Fannie Mae to sell foreclosures. Because a foreclosed property isn’t always able to give the best first impression to a buyer, he works hard to make sure buyers can see the property’s inherent worth.

As Callstrom explains, “We can actually go in, and give a good value to the consumer who’s buying it—by cleaning, painting, recarpeting, and things like that. If a buyer wants to get a good deal in real estate, and wants the premium pick of foreclosures on the market, we’re the go-to team.”

Additionally, having spent 12 years in the business, Callstrom operates a little differently than agents just out to make a quick sale.

As Callstrom remarks, “I’m a career real estate agent—I’m not a storm chaser, so to speak. I would never sell a buyer a property that I wouldn’t be able to sell again. I’m looking for a good location—that my clients get a good price, that it will retain its value, and that it’s a good fit for the clients all around.”

Callstrom works with properties throughout the Twin Cities area. His office offers many different lending resources, according to his clients’ various needs.

To search foreclosure listings, interested buyers should visit Callstrom’s other website at

Name of Company: New Home Store Realty, Re/Max
Year Founded: 2004
Team Leader: Travis Callstrom
Number of Employees: 90 agents in local office
Address: 13875 Hwy. 13, Savage
Phone: (763) 360-3367

5100 Eden Ave, Suite 107 • Edina, MN 55436
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