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When in the mood for the fiercest, chicest and most dynamite import music, keep STYLEDLIFE® in mind, kids!

If you like this compilation of whimsical lifestyle relevant music, you’ll love the additions of SmileStyle 2 + 3 to the series. Compiled by Germany based Gartner der Luste, SmileStyle stays true to its roots by giving us what can only be described as Euro Neo Soul. This compilation is one unusually smooth mix.

After your ears have traveled all around the world you may get a little homesick. For this we recommend that you take these 4 discs and soak in the sounds of Michael, Chic, Sister Sledge, Billie Ocean, Heatwave, G.Q, Quincy Jones and George Kranz. There’s no place like home!

Don’t know about Kay Rush? Stop into our Galleria store today and sample the wickedly fabulous compilations from this leading European DJ. Music and fashion are all wrapped up into a unique mix of instincts and expression. This CD will allow you to feel the beat and express yourself accordingly. Own your personal style and a great CD to boot! Kay Rush rocks!

Kicking it off with “Milt Shake,” one of the deepest Jazz songs I’ve heard in years, Jazz Nouveau stretches the definition of Jazz. From light to dark, from R&B to instrumental, to a track that features fundamentalist hip hop group Jurassic Five. If this exposé of Nu Jazz was a baseball team it would have all the bases covered. Batter up!

After listening to the upbeat vibe of disco and house on this compilation, you’ll immediately feel like throwing a dream party… in heaven. Coincidentally, we flipped over the cover and as a note Hedkandi adds “heaven must be missing an album.” Heaven + music + STYLEDLIFE® + you = some serious sexy summer songs!

Isn’t Fashion Fun is your monthly go-to resource for tips, suggestions, and fashion expertise on how style-related material plays into your wardrobe and vis-à-vis your busy life. Isn’t Fashion Fun is brought to you by fashion leader STYLEDLIFE® and the wardrobe experts® team at styledlook®, the premier at-home wardrobe consulting company with clients nationwide. Got a big event or hot date coming up, and don’t know what to wear? No worries—we’re here for you. What’s the best accessory gift or music CD for a particular recipient? Yes, we can dial you in on that, too. E-mail all of your fashion questions and/or wardrobe dilemmas to [email protected]. You deserve to look your best, feel your best, and strut your stuff looking dynamite! Isn’t fashion fun.

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