More Equal HRC Casts Its Gaze on Gays in the Automotive Industry

According to George Orwell’s Animal Farm, all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others. According to the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), some corporations are more equal than others, as well.

Everyone knows HRC, which describes itself as “America’s largest civil rights organization working to achieve gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender equality.”

Toward the laudable end of equality achievement, HRC studies large American employers, analyzing their policies and practices as they relate to our lavender tribe.

Local GLBT folk who are in the market for a car, and want to support community-friendly businesses with their dollars, have an unprecedented number of options this year.

Progressive in every way, HRC already has released 2009 Corporate Equality Index (CEI).

Surprising no one, least of all lesbians who haul their own golf clubs, Subaru attained something so lacking in our often grim and gritty world: perfection. It received a perfect CEI rating from HRC, the carmaker’s second consecutive year of doing so.

Subaru not only acknowledged this status, but also relished it.

In an official press release, Subaru of America Chairman, President, and CEO Tomohiko Ikeda stated, “We are very proud to accept this recognition. Due to the diverse insights, talents, and perspectives our employees contribute, we have built a culture that is cohesive in operation, strong at heart, and a company where our employees work with pride. Together, we hope to create a reputation of distinction, service, and respect.”

Detroit-based carmakers, including Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors, also achieved the impeccable distinction from HRC, which cited same-sex domestic partner benefits, as well as GLBT outreach

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