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Summer may have taken a while to get here, but now that it has, it’s here with force. Hot, muggy weather accompanied by Minnesota storms doesn’t make for a good time on the lake, but for companies like Matt’s Tree Service, it’s welcome. With well more than half of business coming from private citizens, the employees have their work cut out for them.

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And owner Matt Dosser knows trees. With more than 24 years of service, the company has continued to grow, as more and more people come to realize trees need care just like every other plant in the yard.

According to Dosser, trees are “the largest piece of landscape you own. Proper care and maintenance are crucial to the life of a tree from planting through maturity. Trees that are cared for are more likely to have a longer life, and add value to the surrounding environment. Introducing foreign objects into the tree or close to the tree will always have an impact on the tree, and such actions should be taken with precaution or advice from a certified arborist.”

Many homeowners don’t care for their trees properly. They usually wait until a problem occurs before actually dealing with it. With 15 percent of business coming from emergency care, usually storm-related, a lot of other problems go unchecked—mainly insect infections.

Dosser explains, “Trees may show symptoms such as leaf abnormalities, bark decay, and scarring, among other things. Observation of the environment surrounding the tree may lead to other indications of insects as well. Trimming a tree and proper application of pesticides —if needed—will help to prevent insect invasion. Insect control is not a guarantee of tree survival or immunity, but if proper timing and application are used, insect control can greatly benefit and prevent insect damage or infestation.”

Though proper maintenance is crucial to keeping a live tree (who wants a dead or dying tree to be the first thing you see when looking at a house?), it’s not the only way to care for it. Trimming also spurs a healthy tree and a better-looking one as well. Trimming a tree has multiple benefits beyond just visually making it appealing.

Dosser explains, “Trimming a tree will help ensure a longer-living, healthy tree that is less susceptible to damaging its surroundings. Proper trimming should only be executed as a corrective or preventative measure.”

So, unless you want to be part of the 15 percent of Matt’s emergency tree service, trimming can come in handy. With the exclusion of certain cases—disease or pests prevalent during certain seasons—trees can be trimmed any time of the year. For those who wish to make their trees look more beautiful, pruning during certain times throughout the year can help stimulate or discourage growth, foliage, and flowering.

But like all proper care, it takes years of knowledge, patience, and learning—and the people at Matt’s Tree Service not only can answer your questions, but also can help ensure your trees are healthy and beautiful.

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