Lucky Lady Listener Q&A

I really do have the bestest bevy of listeners in all the world of podcasting. From Rehoboth Beach to Reykjavik, Iceland, my lucky lady listeners are the fabulous furnace that keeps my creative fires burning. They send me gifts and greetings. They challenge my thoughts, and help shape my opinions. They’re pretty much my queen’s council, and have helped steer the ship of (altered) state for more than six years now. In addition to chatting with them through The Progrum, and hearing all their fabulous feedback via the Web and e-mail, I love the chance to sit down, and answer their questions.

Jonathan: Tell us all about the CelebriDiva(s) whose influence has(have) changed your life!

I coined the term CelebriDiva to encompass all those fabulous women who have helped to shape the world of entertainment, and inspire me and countless others with their unique brand of fabulosity. My favorite CelebriDivas are the women who make me laugh, don’t take life too seriously, and continue to push themselves beyond their comfort zone. Chief among them are Lucille Ball, Rosalind Russell, Carol Burnett, and Dame Edna.

Jimmy: Who was your fave on Designing Women?

All of them. Really depends on my mood. If you were holding a gun to my head, I’d go with Suzanne. Her baton-twirling gets me every time.

Jessica: Can you wear white before Memorial Day?

Ask your mother.

Phil: What musical-theater role would you stiletto someone to death to play?

Rose from Gypsy. You will see me in this role one day. Guaranteed. “Wanda’s got the stuff. Wanda’s gotta move. Wanda’s gotta go. Wanda? Wanda?”

Augustine: What’s your favorite TV show?

We could be here all day. Where do I even begin? Again, if you were holding a gun to my head, and asked what shows I absolutely could not live without, I imagine the list would look something like this: Golden Girls, Doctor Who, Are You Being Served, Upstairs, Downstairs, Designing Women, and Good Times. As you can tell, my television tastes live somewhere between 1972 and 1989.

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