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Some 96 million people in the United States wear prescription glasses. Among Americans 55 and older, the number is as high as two-thirds. So, any advance in lens technology or frame materials is good news.

Sarah Jerome, CEO of Look + See Eye Care, says, “There’s a lot of lines that we carry—Gotti for example. They’re doing something really cool with mixing lightweight plastic in the ear pieces. I can’t believe how light these glasses are, but they’re not the invisible glasses that disappear on the face. It’s a really bold look, but very comfortable. Another thing we offer is a higher index plastic for people who wear a strong prescription, and are used to getting coke-bottle glasses. That’s not something they have everywhere.”

Unfortunately, many chain stores only carry and promote their own frame lines, so customers looking for a more unique look often have a difficult time finding something appealing. So, according to Jerome, who worked at just such a store, because the focus is on selling the store’s frames, a customer doesn’t always receive the attention that he or she deserves.

Look + See Eye Care takes the opposite approach.

“The lab we deal with is local,” Jerome explains, “and we’re proud to take longer than an hour to put your glasses together. It is a very technical process, and it’s very important, because it’s something people rely on every day for work.”

To assist in a patient’s diagnosis, as well as track changes over time, the clinic employs a digital retinal camera that takes pictures of the inside of a patient’s eye. It is especially helpful in early detection of glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, retinal holes, and tears or detachments. To see an example of a retinal image captured in this manner, visit www.lookandseeeyecare.com.

Jerome notes that her patients also appreciate using the clinic’s camera/mirror, which takes a picture of customers trying new eyewear options. That way, they can put their own glasses back on, and get a clear view of what they’d look like with different frames.

Look + See Eye Care takes walk-ins, but to schedule an appointment, call (612) 379-1555. Free parking is available in an adjacent lot.

Name of Company: Look + See Eye Care
Year Founded: 2004
President/CEO: Sarah Jerome
Number of Employees: 5
Address: 522 E. Hennepin Ave., Mpls.
Phone: (612) 379-1555
Web Site: www.lookandseeeyecare.com

5100 Eden Ave, Suite 107 • Edina, MN 55436
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