Depth Comes to the Archbishop?

Good one! [“A Word in Edgewise,” Lavender, July 3]

A question I’ve always wanted to ask those who think homosexuality is a “lifestyle choice” is, “What are the attractions of the gay lifestyle that would lead someone to choose to be gay?” I do want to know.

I assume they think in a confused way, “sex.” But the odds of finding someone to boff are better if, for example, you’re a straight male seeking a straight female: There are a lot more fish out there. And life is just simpler if you operate the same way as the vast majority—as all left-handed people know. In the past, they were blamed for their condition, too: sinister or gauche, or both.

The RC Church calls homosexuality a “disorder.” I don’t know whether that term means that it’s something you didn’t choose, like mental illness. If so, then why should you be in a state of mortal sin, and be punished for it? If, on the other hand, it’s something you chose, then we’re back to my original question.

Of course, the Archbishop knows God’s will. The church has told him what it is, and they’re never wrong, and never have to revise their thinking. Except for all the times they have.

I’ve always thought that anyone who finds that God always agrees with him should try listening to God more, and putting words in God’s mouth less.

David Brownell

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