Thanks from Winning Marriage Equality

Just a note to thank Lavender Magazine, and specifically writer Kaitlyn E. Walsh, for the great article on Winning Marriage Equality in the March 10 issue. It focused on our mission, and was not a feature about me. I so appreciate how well you put our mission into print. Thanks again for the great job that you and your staff do.

Denny Smith
Executive Director
Winning Marriage Equality

Kudos from Las Vegas

Hi! I’m a transplanted Minnesotan, actually from up on “da Range” (the Iron Range), now living in Las Vegas. I think you “guys” do a wonderful job, and I totally love reading my Lavender! You all keep me in touch with “home,” and I do appreciate it greatly. I love your restaurant reviews, even though I’m down here in the desert. Keep up the great work.

Ken Swartz

Doesn’t Fit Lavender Demographic

I have noticed over the last several years that there has been less and less of interest for me in Lavender. Now, I realize why. I’m a renter. I’m retired (i.e., old). And though I don’t consider myself poor, I live on way less than $89,996. And let’s not forget, I’m a woman. I guess there’s no need to keep picking up Lavender religiously. Now that I know I’m not part of your target demographic, that whole lack-of-relevance thing makes so much more sense.

DJ Munro

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