Advocates Censorship

It comes as no surprise to anyone with their eyes open in LGBT communities that we have once again become one of the targets of the tobacco industry. By accepting tobacco industry ads, Lavender has become part of that industry’s long, dark history of deception.

One of the tragedies of the campaign is that it is yet another effort by big tobacco to exploit our communities’ passion for personal freedom and choice.

I know Lavender is a business, and that advertising revenue is key to the success of that business. But just as you would never accept an ad from a known homophobic organization, so should you refuse to accept advertising from the tobacco industry.

It is indisputable that the tobacco industry is targeting LGBT communities, as well as having a long history of campaign donations to politicians pushing for an antigay agenda.

Lavender should join the list of LGBT publications that have developed policies refusing to accept tobacco industry ads or dollars.

Doing that will not only make it harder for the industry to reach our communities, it will show that Lavender truly has the best interests of Minnesota’s LGBT communities at heart.

Loretta Worthington
Executive Director
Rainbow Health Initiative

Editor’s Note: Lavender believes in democracy, the essence of which is “freedom and choice.” We uphold the First Amendment, which guarantees Americans freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Therefore, we reject censorship. To that end, we accept advertising from a wide spectrum: bars/alcohol companies and sobriety organizations; Democrats, Republicans, and Independents; churches and atheist groups. Lavender does not believe that tobacco use is homophobic. We will continue to give our readers the right to choose which advertisers they wish to support.

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