Kudos to Lavender

I haven’t written to Lavender previously. However, I have been reading Lavender for many years. Kudos to all of the Lavender staff and contributors over the years for an excellent LGBT magazine. I have enjoyed reading each edition from cover to cover.

I’m writing today to express my appreciation for the article on couples [by E.B. Boatner, “Getting to the Heart of the Matter,” Lavender, Jan. 27]. I enjoyed the article very much, and encourage you to do more articles like this one. I like to hear the stories of local people.

Thank you!
Roy Swander

Thanks for Valentine’s Day Article

I wanted to take a moment to say a huge thanks for the fine article [by E.B. Boatner, “Getting to the Heart of the Matter,” Lavender, Jan. 27]. In a world where we constantly hear about “PNP” and “hookups,” it is very nice to read this type of story.

I hope that we might see more stories like this. It is refreshing and wonderful to see people who are committed and love each other even when times are rough.

Thank you so much!
Tim Marburger

Fierce Love Article Bridges Communities

Thanks times a million. The article [“Tongues Untied Reprises Fierce Love for Black History Month,” Lavender, Feb. 10] looks amazing. This is how we do outreach, and this article will do more than promote the play. It has the power to truly bridge our communities, and allow isolated black LGBT folks to know that there is a community out there for them.

I cannot thank you enough!

Jason Jackson

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