Clarification Regarding Aruba Same-Sex Marriages

I just wanted to let you know that the article in your May 22 issue on Aruba’s same-sex marriages was misleading. Although Aruba does recognize same-sex marriage performed in The Netherlands, they do not allow legal same-sex marriages to be performed on the island. They do perform ceremonies, but they are not legally binding. I’m sure you would want your readers to be aware of this before they make arrangements for a wedding in Aruba. It still looks like a beautiful vacation spot, but the wedding would be ceremonial only.

—Beth Hawkins

Bucuti Beach Resort Clarifies

We do perform same-sex weddings at Bucuti Beach Resort. This is a nonofficial beach blessing. It is not recognized as a legal marriage. The accurate information is: Recent legal changes in The Netherlands have allowed Aruba to recognize same-sex marriages in The Netherlands. Local gay couples can now marry legally in The Netherlands, and are recognized as a married couple in Aruba. The Aruba City Hall unfortunately is not performing legal marriages for gay couples as yet—neither residents nor nonresidents.

—Nashette Wouters
Bucuti Beach Resort Weddings

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