More Detail, Please
You are commended for bringing to our attention “Where Do Your Gift Dollars Go?” [Lavender, Jan. 16]. You must go into more detail, especially for the groups spending more than 25 percent on costs. I believe the Attorney General should audit some of these excessive spenders, especially those over 40 percent in salaries. This is an outrage, and the governing boards must be called to task.
—David A. Swanson

Sloppy, Lazy
This is as irresponsible a piece of journalism as I have seen in some time [“Where Do Your Gift Dollars Go?” Lavender, Jan. 16]. Don’t you realize that most of the salaries at the Minnesota AIDS Project are paid to individuals to provide free services for patients? You make it seem as if these people are just collecting checks to run the organization. Your stats would make one think that the money given is not being used appropriately. What was your point here? Discourage charitable giving? It is one thing when firms are riding around in limos, and your money is being wasted—we need to know those things. When the money is used appropriately, that should be highlighted. Very sloppy, lazy journalism.
—Art Knapp

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