Kudos to Tim Marburger

Tim Marburger [2008 Person of the Year, Lavender, Dec. 19] is the Mirror in which we should all look to belong to our community. His unselfishness is readily apparent, and when meeting Tim, you realize that the only thing bigger than his smile is his Heart. He is an inspiration to us all, and truly deserving of this recognition.

Congratulations, Tim!

—Anthony R. Whelihan

Theater Year in Review?

More appropriately, the “On the Townsend” column [“2008 Theater Year in Review,” Lavender, Dec. 19] should be entitled “2008 Theater that John Townsend Has Seen Year in Review.”

No offense meant, but to create a “best of” list, shouldn’t you at least have seen representative work from all of the theater companies that fall under the IVEY Award criteria?

Don’t misunderstand: All are very deserving artists, and should receive recognition for their talent, but it paints an incomplete picture of the theater arts world in the Twin Cities.

2009 New Year’s Resolution: Visit and review at least one show from all of the theaters eligible for IVEY Award recognition.

—Jeff Redman

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