Strong Vote, Strong Schools

Studies show that one-third of lesbian couples and one-fifth of gay male couples have children. Organizations like Rainbow Families are working diligently to make sure our children of all races and family types receive the best and most equitable education possible. Minneapolis voters can help further that work by voting yes on the 2008 Strong Schools Strong City referendum on November 4.

A recent racial equity analysis requested by the Education Equity Organizing Collaborative Referendum Partners found that without a yes vote, racial and economic disparities will worsen for our kids, class size will double, and we will lose more teachers of color. While voting yes is essential, the collaborative recognizes it is still not enough. Passing the referendum will maintain the current level of racial disparities, and we need to eliminate them.

Parents and leaders in communities of color and American Indian communities—including those with GLBT families—are committed to true accountability from Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) that lead to the equitable outcomes we seek for our kids. Parents and leaders of communities of color need to ensure that there is true accountability of the referendum money and how it is spent on the goals and outcomes laid out in the MPS strategic plan.

We are building a process of accountability and change in the way MPS engage the community. Join us in voting yes on the 2008 Strong Schools Strong City Referendum!

Laura Matanah

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