Loring Park Fireworks

When this issue came up before, I e-mailed someone about it before speaking, because I don’t particularly pay much attention to wildlife issues. I suspect that Kay Hanson [“Letters,” Lavender, June 20] not only did put a lot of attention and effort into formulating her opinion about this, but also seems to be doing something that not everyone puts much thought or effort into, which is attending to issues concerning nature and wildlife.

I do appreciate that she makes a conscious effort to be responsible with the environment, and I personally consider environmental concerns to be important. I’m not very outspoken about the? subject, nor do I work very hard to correct damage that has been done to this planet and its wildlife, so I believe that Hanson does have a point of value to make, whether or not I agree with her position on this particular subject (which I do agree is an important one).

Having received a quick response from Twin Cities Pride that went above and beyond any expectations I had for the remedy of the issue in my mind, I was informed about the actualities of the situation on a more rational level. That information was satisfactory to me, and did refute the claim that ?Hanson had made.

I am not in a position to justly make decisions for the environment beyond my personal actions, but I trust that God handles what ?is meant to be handled by God. I hope that others can see fit to view ?Hanson and her opinions in a positive manner, too, because I have a feeling that she devotes quite a bit of her own resources to a great cause. It would be a shame to see that wasted.


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