Fireworks About Pride Fireworks

I’m keeping my posting on a positive note, and will refrain from “labeling” individuals who care about all communities and wildlife as complainers. I’m just a gay man who shares the thoughts of the majority of Minnesota’s gay community (millions nationwide) who care about their environment and wildlife.

I like fireworks, but where it’s appropriate. It shouldn’t become a political issue. I knew nothing about this issue until recently, when overhearing people in the community expressing their concerns the fireworks of recent years were needless and damaging.

I’ve since read two local articles on the issue, as well as Googled the subject to educate myself. I was amazed at the studies conducted on the issue worldwide. Many caring professionals residing in the United States have conducted and published their findings. All easily accessed via the Net.

Is it really that important to those few individuals to ignore the studies and experts on this issue? It’s apparent a few folks may be too close to this issue, and have lost their objective reasoning. No one is picking on Gay Pride, nor saying they don’t do good things. Please don’t try to mislead people by using the “victim” card.

We are an empowered community, and savvy enough to see through the transparency of whining about how unappreciated one or two people feel. I’ve heard nothing but praise for the thousands who make Gay Pride possible. The only small but important negative reflection has been the damaging fireworks. Which don’t make or break Pride.

We in the gay community “are” enjoying the festival. We just don’t think it’s in the best interest of Gay Pride for anyone to label or bully those who question authority or care about the environment.

Peace to all my brothers and sisters celebrating Gay Pride this year!

—R. Mathews

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