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More than 10 million Americans see a therapist every year, yet many would be ashamed to admit it. Perhaps this stigma is why some continue to live lives that could be happier, fuller, and more purposeful, instead of seeking the help they need.

In order to relieve such anxiety, Kate Heffelfinger, a Licensed Psychologist, makes her first session with a client as comfortable as possible.

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Heffelfinger explains, “First of all, I tell them that they are very courageous for taking the step, and that therapy is just talking. I always offer a no-charge initial session. It gives people an opportunity to come and meet me, and see my space.”

If other therapists have been unable to help, it doesn’t mean all is lost. Psychologists have a wide variety of methods, so if one doesn’t work out, it’s worth it to try someone else.

Heffelfinger’s approach includes looking at the past to see how it may have an impact on a client’s current situation, and examines any thought distortions a client may have about himself or herself or his or her life. Both are fairly standard techniques.

In addition, Heffelfinger assists her clients with living a more mindful, purposeful life. She draws inspiration from her Buddhist philosophy and practices. However, it is not necessary for her clients to share her belief systems to work with her.

In Heffelfinger’s words, “I work with people from all walks of life, and mindfulness is in practice in every working religion. I work with people from all different kinds of spiritual backgrounds, including no spiritual background. Mindfulness is a state of being in the present, and being with our feelings.”

Unlike many therapists who decide to specialize, Heffelfinger prefers that her practice remain diverse.

Heffelfinger explains, “I work with gay and lesbian couples, and I work with heterosexual couples, as well as individuals, and a variety of ethnicities.”

However, serving the LGBT community occupies a special place in Heffelfinger’s heart: “The LGBT community deserves a wider variety of people who understand their needs and their relationships and their issues. I have a wide experience of relationships: two grown children as well as two grandchildren. And I think my personal experiences help make me a better therapist for anyone in the community, including the LGBT community.”

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