Jason Stuart’s Making it to the Middle

Part minidocumentary, part stand-up comedy special, Jason Stuart’s Making it to the Middle was released on DVD in 2008.

The actor/comedian turned a successful show on the here! Network into his first DVD. It’s is a quick watch, as the 50-some minutes seemingly go by before you even have gotten a chance to finish your bowl of popcorn. If you’re looking for something that’s fast, entertaining, and doesn’t involve nudity, it’s perfect.

The film is split into several segments: One follows Stuart as he journeys across the country promoting himself and his show; a second features a one-on-one interview, with Stuart delving into his life growing up and coming out; and a third displays one of Stuart’s stand-up routines in front of a live audience.

Depending on one’s taste, Stuart’s comedy is either lovable or forgettable. He has the ability to fire line after line of jokes in rapid succession, or slow things down with a story about his mother or father.

Stuart, who says during the interview portion he loves interacting with the audience, does just that during his stand-up. Referring to audience members as Barbie and Buck, he shows he’s plenty capable of making fun of others, while at the same time poking fun at himself. One “straight” member of the audience who catches Stuart’s eye quite often during the routine experiences firsthand what he’s capable of throughout the show.

A refreshing yet somewhat short portion comes during the end of his stand-up, when he invites the audience to ask him any questions they can think of. It elicits responses such as: “What’s the difference between a gay man and a transgender man?”; and “Will you give my friend a lap dance?”

More comedians should open themselves up to this sort of back-and-forth. It not only invites the audience (both at the club and watching at home) into the life of a comedian, but also gives everyone a glimpse at just how comfortable he really is when put on the spot. And Stuart does quite well.

From television appearances on My Wife and Kids, Will & Grace, and Everybody Hates Chris to film roles in Coffee Date and 10 Attitudes, Stuart successfully has woven a path through various media as an out and proud actor and comedian. While his sense of humor may not appeal to everyone, that he is out and proud should.

More information about Stuart can be found at www.JasonStuart.com.

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