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Fashion Themes for Spring | Summer ’09

Greetings from STYLEDLIFE® and the wardrobe experts® at styledlook®, inc., and welcome to our latest installment of Isn’t Fashion Fun.

Spring is almost here… which means that Spring trends can’t be far behind.

Our clients always ask us, “Do trends really matter?” With years of fashion expertise behind us, we believe the answer is yes.*

We at STYLEDLIFE® and styledlook® believe that long-lasting fashion Themes matter most. Themes are not trends. Themes are a reflection of how we dress as Americans, and they last for years rather than months.

By understanding the STYLEDLIFE® and styledlook® fashion Themes, we can all look “dialed in” without looking like a slave to fashion.

Themes for Spring | Summer ’09 are:

Global Inspiration
Sexy Accessories
Casual Chic | Casual Cool
City Gentlemen

In the coming months of Isn’t Fashion Fun, we will be sharing ideas and inspiration on how our fashion Themes can help you dress.

Remember, Isn’t Fashion Fun readers, personal style is the answer… wear what you want and be yourself!
Stay Styled,

*Trends in fashion help shape what’s current and modern and most fresh to wear. Trends do not necessarily correlate to how all of us dress or need to dress. Plus, trends today are as fleeting as last week’s date.

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