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From the fashion leader STYLEDLIFE® and our wardrobe consulting service styledlook®, the Wardrobe Experts® team have a clear message: a key accessory can maximize your wardrobe and fine-tune your personal style. From refined casual to weekend cool, here are some of our wardrobe observations and suggestions for you to consider.

Vivo cuffs ($228 each)
Hot, hot hot! Exotic skins, bold colors, clean stainless steel design—men and women love this bracelet- for all those reasons.

Bed Stu wallet with chain ($78)
Rugged, raw and natural—you will love this oversized wallet. The chain is removable, as is the loop- you can turn the chain into a necklace, the loop into a key chain.

Cassette & Speaker metal necklaces ($40 each)
At STYLEDLIFE®, music IS our middle name…these graphic necklaces will be your new go-to pieces.

Dunhill belt ($220)
This bad boy is from London- a hammered & embossed leather belt is refined luxe with a nod to the rebel in you. From our exclusive luxury brand, Dunhill.

Tsukemon belt loop clips ($98-$125 each)
You want the most fashion-forward products—including this new category of accessory, brought to you by STYLEDLIFE®. These sleek, detailed clips ride on your belt loops- and the cutting edge of fashion.

Your monthly go-to resource for tips, suggestions, and fashion expertise on how style-related material plays into your wardrobe and vis-à-vis your busy life. Isn’t Fashion Fun is brought to you by fashion leader STYLEDLIFE® and the wardrobe experts® team at styledlook®, the premier at-home wardrobe consulting company with clients nationwide. Got a big event or hot date coming up, and don’t know what to wear? No worries—we’re here for you. What’s the best accessory gift or music CD for a particular recipient? Yes, we can dial you in on that, too. E-mail all of your fashion questions and/or wardrobe dilemmas to <[email protected]>. You deserve to look your best, feel your best, and strut your stuff looking dynamite! Isn’t fashion fun?

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