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March right into STYLEDLIFE®, me dear’ies, and find your lucky charms this Patty’s Day in style, the pot is full of me charms. The wardrobe experts™ of styledlook® recommend in this issue of Isn’t Fashion Fun™: it looks good to be in green, and if you’re not you may get pinched!

Green Laffy Taffy- you can never have enough of our eatable free treats.

Dunhill clover cufflinks – Show off your shamrock PRIDE with sterling silver Dunhill cufflinks while you toast Slainte!

Rebel necklace- Be a rebel and take your chances.

Devon Lee Necklace – Wear this treasure and your wish will be granted, green agate is the new Blarney stone.

Green business card holder- While you’re out networking make sure that you hand out your cards that are stored in your cool green card case.

Versace green tie – Make your boss Patrick happy by wearing a tie.

Green STYLEDLIFE keychain- Make sure that you have a safe driver this Patty’s Day. Toss your designated driver the STYLEDLIFE keychain with your car keys on it or your house keys if you want to be really lucky.

Green Suspenders – Be your own leprechaun; grant three wishes wearing your suspenders.

Ruffle green scarf – Stay chic for Patty’s day with your cashmere ruffle scarf, on the night on the town.

May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow, and troubles avoid you wherever you go.
Live you best life… your STYLEDLIFE®!

Stay Styled,
Tree Chatman
[email protected]

Isn’t Fashion Fun™ is your monthly go-to resource for fashion expertise on how style-related topics play into your wardrobe and vis-à-vis your busy life. Isn’t Fashion Fun™ is brought to you by the fashion leader STYLEDLIFE® and the wardrobe experts™ of styledlook®, the premier at-home wardrobe consulting company with clients nationwide. Got a big event or hot date coming up and don’t know what to wear? No worries—we’re here for you. What’s the best accessory gift or music CD for a special someone? Yes, we can dial you in on that, too. Email us your fashion/wardrobe dilemmas to <[email protected]>. Live your best life…your STYLEDLIFE!

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