iPad, Meet Lavender

We invite you into a candy-colored world of digital high definition, officially introducing the Lavender Magazine iPadTM app—for free. And we’re the first regional GLBT magazine in America to do so.

I’m a junkie for the smooth, sleek pages of a glossy magazine, and I love the musk of a new book. Something’s romantic about licking your fingers before turning a page. The act is the reader’s kiss to the author, an exhibition of pleasure—a beckoning “I want more!”

So, I naturally was skeptical that a little machine stuck in limbo between an iPhone and laptop claimed to replicate the sacred, physical bond between writer and reader. But I’m an open-minded guy, I thought. I’ll try anything once, right? Well, maybe not anything, but iPad? Sure.

The verdict: Techno-heads and finger-lickers, rejoice!

The Lavender iPad app is everything you’d expect from a magazine that’s been on the forefront of technology since our inception 15 years ago. We’ve been online since we were 2.

Open the app, and you’re greeted with a virtual desk, recent editions of Lavender neatly organized for your browsing pleasure.

Touch a magazine cover, and choose to read online when Internet access is sure to maintain, or download to prevent interruption during one of those terrifying moments of no Internet connectivity.

Browsing is enhanced with an interactive Table of Contents feature that directs right to your story of choice.

With a stationary navigation toolbar at the bottom of the interface, you’re never far from exactly where you want to be.

This trendy companion offers different methods of browsing, a guide to all our advertisers, and a place to retrieve your bookmarked favorite pages to relive a story or share with friends.

Issues of Lavender from our Fab 50 Edition onward brilliantly are replicated, complete with every vibrant detail found in print.

So, my skepticism vanished after playing with the app for a while. Before long, I felt I no longer was holding a confused iPhone. I was handling a magazine in its newest form: still sleek, still glossy, but enhanced to keep up with our culture of instants.

Lavender for iPad won’t replace its cherished older sibling, of course. But the iPad app offers the same experience—complete with the stories that engage, the writers who inform and entertain, and the advertisers who support us.

A word of warning, though: You still may feel compelled to lick your fingers before flipping the page. Fine by me. I love my kisses.

Special thanks to James Evans

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