Homme/Divine Skin Care

How a former program director/men’s magazine publisher joined together with a retired chef to launch a skin care company, Maric Group, is a long story, according to President Marlene Solomon and Vice President Richard Hoffman. Suffice it to say that the duo, who had experienced how different chemicals in a variety of food and skin care products can affect people’s lives adversely, were determined to offer a real solution.

In a marketplace where laboratory-generated ingredients help keep costs down, it was difficult to meet Solomon and Hoffman’s high standards, but they eventually were rewarded for their efforts.

Hoffman says, “Marlene and I are very particular. It took us the better part of a year to find a green company out in California that manufactures our products for us. They’re all paraben-free, alcohol-free, and are never tested on animals.”

Paraben is a known allergen—products that contain it may exacerbate the very issue they were purchased to resolve. It also has been linked to endocrine-system interference and cancer.

Therefore, keeping the ingredient lists short, natural, and pronounceable is of paramount importance to Solomon and Hoffman.

The end result, for both Homme, the men’s line, and Divine, the women’s line, is a variety of lightly scented, long-lasting, nongreasy products that have no uncomfortable residue, and actually achieve their promised results.

As Solomon puts it, “Once you order it and use it, you’re going to be hooked forever.”

The “secret” to the impressive-results product lines is no great mystery: quality, high-end, natural ingredients (including pure lanolin) that heal rather than cause product-dependence or skin irritation.

Homme offers various moisturizers, shaving products, soap, and other hygiene products, while Divine features a scrub in addition to moisturizers and soap. Both lines are scented lightly with citrus fruits, although Homme has notes of ginger and cedar as well.

Right now, Homme and Divine are sold only at Lavender First Thursday events, by ordering directly from the company, or through at-home demonstration parties. A party host or hostess will receive a free gift from the company, then can relax and join the festivities, while Hoffman or Solomon showcases their products.

The two, who also market a few stainless steel jewelry items, are in the process of developing more.

To schedule a party or order products, call (763) 559-3718.

Name of Company: Maric Group, LLC
Year Founded: 2006
President/CEO: Marlene Solomon
Number of Employees: 2
Phone: (763) 559-3718

5100 Eden Ave, Suite 107 • Edina, MN 55436
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