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Home #7
4140 Vincent Avenue South Minneapolis
Designed by Eric Odor, AIA,
with Sara Whicher
Sala Architects, Inc.
Minneapolis: (612) 379-3037
Excelsior: (952) 380-4817
Stillwater: (651) 351-0961

The architect, Eric Odor, is also the homeowner for the project. When the Dutch Colonial was discovered in 1990, its maple floors and 10-foot ceilings made it a prime candidate for remodel. After learning that virtually every wall on the first floor could be removed, the entire home was gutted in 1992, and has been a “work-in-progress” ever since. This past year, the home was finished when an orchid room, potting shed, new garage, and a “floating” screen porch were added. Sustainable materials such as fiberboard, corrugated metal siding, and fly-ash concrete were used in the remodel. The flat room between the home and garage is farmed.

Eric Odor, AIA says, “The small house on a large lot made it a prime candidate for a ‘tear down’ and another ‘monster house,’ but we had other interests here. We weren’t interested in maximum volume—we were interested in a symphony of spaces with echoes of solid and void as well as inside and out. We wanted an expansive summer home that would engage the entire site, as well as a cozy winter retreat from which to observe our domain, and we wanted a cabin, without the commute. And we used green materials such as fiberboard and corrugated metal siding, as well as high fly-ash concrete, and we farm the flat roof between the ‘barn’ (home) and the ‘granary’ (garage). At present, we’re exploring the fine art of the harvest, and onsite containment of rainwater with rain chains, gardens and barrels, French drains, and a 400-gallon livestock tank.”

Home #6
4623 Humboldt Avenue South Minneapolis
Designed by Mark Larson, AIA, and Ryan Bicek, AIA
Rehkamp Larson Architects, Inc.
(612) 285-7275

The design creates an open and casual living space, while preserving the original form of the home. With a growing family, the homeowners needed more open space, and with many form restrictions, the bulk of the addition needed to take place in the back of the home. The expanded kitchen features a fireplace, and a new master suite and family room allow for ample living space. A wrap-around back porch and covered front porch create a connection to the outdoors. The completely renovated lower level gives the home even more functionality. This home is also a 2009 BLEND award recipient. The BLEND Award encourages and rewards builders, architects, and homeowners to blend newly remodeled or constructed homes and businesses into the fabric of Southwest Minneapolis neighborhoods. A jury of industry professionals and neighborhood residents will select projects for recognition. More about the BLEND Awards is available at

Mark Larson, AIA, says, “We planned the porch spaces around furniture and function with the same care that interior spaces are organized. They are an extension of the house like outdoor rooms. You don’t have to rent a tent for a great backyard party even if the forecast calls for rain.”

Home #9
The Edgewater, 1805 West Lake Street, Unit 503, Minneapolis
Designed by Gabriel Keller, Assoc. AIA; Kristine Anderson, Assoc. AIA; and Lars Peterssen, AIA
Domain Architecture & Design, Inc.
(612) 870-7507

The apartment at the Edgewater in Uptown has two bedrooms, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a private terrace offering stunning views of Lake Calhoun. Floors of old-growth oak reclaimed from Lake Superior flow through every room of the home. Striking slabs of live-edge walnut provide focal points throughout, while the elevated master suite maintains a light and open feel, with walls interrupted by transom windows and a substantial rolling door. In the kitchen, custom walnut cabinetry sets off a wall of intricately patterned hexagonal tile. Highly contrasted materials and meticulous details come together in the design of this warm and modern loft.

Gabriel Keller, Assoc. AIA, says, “All of the materials that we used on the project are both exceptional and unique. These materials are woven together to form a story of modern living—that it can be contemporary, yet still be incredibly comfortable and warm. The homeowner described his initial vision for the space, and then stepped back and entrusted his design team to create something that ultimately exceeded his expectations. There were a number of materials and design moves that were hard to imagine until the home was completed. The patterned concrete backsplash tile in the kitchen was especially difficult to envision, and the homeowner was ecstatic at the results.”

Photos by Peter Bastianelli-Kerze

Home #12
2425 Huntington Avenue South St. Louis Park
Original home and guesthouse designed by Charles Stinson, AIA
Charles R. Stinson, Architects
(952) 473-9503

Overlooking Cedar Lake, with a distant view of the Minneapolis skyline, the urban home represents two phases of architecture. The original home is a floating modern cube with raised living areas. The recently completed second phase consists of a new two-and-a-half story guesthouse and loft connected by a glass walkway. An expansive deck defines a new pool and terrace area, complete with an outdoor fireplace.

Charles R. Stinson, AIA, says, “The Cedar Lake Residence is unique in the way that it paradoxically brings a sense of urban loft-living into a natural lake setting. Long overhangs and high-efficiency glass keep the heating loads down without sacrificing the dramatic views. The guesthouse has separate heating and cooling from the main house to conserve energy when guests aren’t present. The flat roof is set up for future solar panels and a green roof.”

Home #14
1845 Hampshire Lane
Golden Valley
Designed by Jeremiah Battles, AIA, and Ashley Mitlyng, AIA
Acacia Architects, LLC
(612) 599-0265

The homeowners for this project found Jeremiah Battles and his firm Acacia Architects when they visited his home on the 2008 Homes By Architect tour. The interior of this walk-out rambler was given new life when the architects worked to create a modern space that better fit the lifestyle of the homeowners. The energy-efficient home features an open floor plan complete with a juxtaposition of durable, low-maintenance materials, such as maple trim, corrugated metal, and reclaimed timbers, offering both green design strategies and an updated style. In addition, new windows offer more light-filled living spaces, opening the home to a wooded backyard. The home is pending Gold Certification from the Minnesota Greenstar Remodeling program.

Jeremiah Battles, AIA, says: “This home was a typical, ordinary, average rambler, and by changing finishes, removing some walls, and adding some windows, we were able to create what looks to be a brand-new home. This is a case study in how the millions of Rambler Owners can give their homes new life. Some of the more interesting sustainable features are the reclaimed front porch timbers that we salvaged from a barn in Woodbury, and building the deck around a large elm tree, so as not to lose all the shade it provides the house. Other sustainable elements include the reclaimed countertops, cork, rubber and wool flooring. There are plenty of less flashy but just as important items, such as a radon mitigation system, an on-demand water heater, high-efficiency furnace and zoned heating, new spray-foam insulation, FSC-certified woods, formaldehyde-free cabinetry, low-flow plumbing fixtures, low VOC paints and stains, and composite siding and decking. The home was built well, and built to last, which is sustainability at its core.”

Home #16

215 10th Avenue South,
No. 913, Minneapolis
Designed by Mark Nelson, AIA, and David Heide, Assoc. AIA
David Heide Design Studio
(612) 337-5060

The Downtown penthouse in the Bridgewater development overlooks Gold Medal Park and the Stone Arch Bridge, and has a flair to match the nostalgic postcard vistas. The designers altered the building’s standard floor plan to create a more livable and modern interior space. Unique designs integrate speakers into cabinet doors, while bathroom tile and a curved soffit mimic the aesthetics of the landmark bridge. These examples portray sensible and modern design incorporated in this warm, inviting space.

Mark Nelson, AIA, says, “The concept for our design of this unit was to provide living spaces that are timeless and durable. These attributes allow the spaces to endure, and reduce the need for remodeling and replacement of materials over time. We strove to create an environment that was comfortable and dynamic, yet sensitive to the world around it. We used stone and natural materials throughout the design, reducing our reliance on man-made products, and promoting. recyclability. The cabinetry and millwork was produced locally using domestically grown-wood products. We also specified low VOC material and finishes were possible to reduce airborne contaminants and provide a healthy environment. Recycled materials were also employed in our design, including tile made of recycled glass.”

David Heide, Assoc. AIA, says, “Our goal was to create a serene and nurturing environment for the client with whom we have enjoyed a recurring relationship. We strove to take the maximum advantage of the remarkable sitting and the views. The river was a great inspiration for the design of the residence. From the use of the cool, silvery blue and warm brown color palette to the shimmering qualities of the glass tile and stainless steel, many of the materials are a metaphor for water. From the vantage point of the residence, the owner also enjoys spectacular views of the Downtown skyline combined with a more intimate connection to the Guthrie Theater. All this, and Gold Medal Park stretches out in the foreground as if it were a private front yard!”

Peter Zenner, Homeowner, says, “Location was a very important factor in deciding on a new home. After years of living in a Victorian home in Uptown, I wanted to experience true Downtown living with a focus on spectacular views of both the Downtown skyline and the Mississippi River. My new space incorporates many of the newest technologies, including unobtrusive lighting and a hidden sound system for a clean, modern look. Some of my favorite features of the condo were based on ideas that, frankly, took some convincing. The curvature of the ceiling plays beautifully off the Stone Arch Bridge and the Gold Medal Park.”

Homes and Architects featured on the 2009 Tour

SMSQ Architects, Inc.
#1 16538 Goodhue Avenue
Nerstrand, MN 55053
Steven Edwins, AIA

ALTUS Architecture + Design
#2 4869 Dominica Way West
Apple Valley, MN 55124
Tim Alt, AIA, CID

#3 5324 Chowen Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55410
Bob Ganser, AIA

Choice Wood Company
#4 5316 Russell Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55410
Leffert Tigelaar, AIA

McMonigal Architects, LLC
#5 1115 West Minnehaha Parkway
Minneapolis, MN 55419
Rosemary McMonigal, AIA

Rehkamp Larson Architects, Inc.
#6 4623 Humboldt Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55419
Mark Larson, AIA

#7 4140 Vincent Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55410
Eric Odor, AIA

#8 3841 York Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55410
David O’Brien Wagner, AIA

Domain Architecture + Design, Inc.
#9 1805 West Lake Street
Minneapolis, MN 55408
Deborah Everson, AIA

#10 2720 Kenilworth Place
Minneapolis, MN 55405
Mark Larson, AIA

#11 2584 Upton Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55405
Deborah Everson, AIA

Charles R. Stinson, Architects
#12 2545 Huntington Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55416
Charles Stinson, AIA

#13 1316 Tyrol Trail
Golden Valley MN 55416
Wayne Branum, AIA

Acacia Architects, LLC
#14 1845 Hampshire Lane North
Minneapolis, MN 55427
Jeremiah Battles, AIA

Albertsson Hansen Architecture, Ltd.
#15 708 North 1st Street
Minneapolis, MN 55401
Christine Albertsson, AIA

David Heide Design Studio
#16 215 10th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55415
Mark Nelson, AIA

Nguyen Architects, Inc.
#17 3341 46th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55406
Tan Nguyen, AIA

#18 97 Cambridge Street
St Paul, MN 55105
Kelly Davis, AIA

Rafferty Rafferty Tollefson Lindeke Architects, Inc.
#19 3750 Big Fox Road
Gem Lake, MN 55110
Craig Rafferty, FAIA

SALA Architects, Inc.
#20 448 Park Avenue
Mahtomedi, MN 55115
Meghan Kell Cornell, AIA

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