Home & Yard Trends to watch for!

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Landscape Lighting
With summer in Minnesota a very short period, making the most of the outdoors is a must for the average resident. Extra lighting for your yard or patio adds much needed time outside, and makes for a more peaceful and relaxing place to spend a beautiful evening.

Eco-Chic or Eco-Ethics
One of the top consumer trends this year is flowing over to the garden. Homeowners are landscaping using products that will withstand attacks by disease and insects, yet don’t require harmful chemical pesticides to do the job. Also popping up are repellants that don’t harm the environment or the animals that might munch on them by accident.

Buying Local
All those farmer’s markets are becoming increasingly popular as a way not only to support the community, but also to ensure your products don’t entail any food scares to worry about. No one ever said Minneapolis tomatoes were the cause of anything but good taste.

With life flying by at an alarming pace, yards and gardens have been getting neglected just as quickly. A slew of low-maintenance landscaping products and even maintenance services mean that the premises always will look beautiful for that Saturday barbecue.

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