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Outdoor Living Rooms
With the trend of making the outdoors more accessible comes the comforts of the indoors. In 2008, one of the newest moves is bringing the living room to the outside of your home. Everything from the kitchen and dining room to now the living room has been modified to the outdoors. Living room furniture is just as comfortable as before, but with waterproof cushions.

Greenhouse Heaters
These nifty little heaters are more useful then one might think. Living in a state where the AC and heater are used the same day, a greenhouse heater can add a little heat to what turned from a pleasant to chilly night outdoors. It won’t supply a great deal of heat for those who aren’t near it, but when a bonfire is unavailable, these electric, propane, or even solar-powered heaters can add just enough heat to keep the night going.

Going Green(er)
With the dry summer months approaching, many cities and counties are outlawing watering of lawns, or severely limiting it to conserve water. New water systems are popping up to help water the lawn, without wasting any water. These new systems can collect rainwater and disperse it using sprinkler systems, or store it with a proper “rain barrel” system for later use.

Photo Courtesy of Greenleaf Gardens

Vegetable Gardens
Popular back in World War II, these gardens are sprouting up again. With yet more food scares—tomatoes this time—people not only are planting their own vegetable gardens to help prevent such problems with their favorite foods, but also are saving on food bills, and savoring those sweet, sweet savings at the table.

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