Healthier Treats

Some people get the impression that “health-nuts” never eat or drink anything not considered “healthy.” That’s nonsense, and it severely would limit the wonderful, complex variety of tastes available to us. Although I consider myself, and many of those around me, extremely health-conscious, room always exists for a tasty treat every now and again. This is not to say that we cannot put a healthy spin on some of the classics and/or make up our own health-promoting so-called “forbidden” foods. I can tell you two things for certain:

(1) Getting out of a “treat” habit is difficult to accomplish.

(2) Once out of a “treat” habit, or once a healthier alternative (just as tasty!) is introduced, the old “treat” rarely will be desired.

Most health-conscious people do eat dessert. We also eat other gut-bombs, such as pizza, etc. However, it is a rather rare occasion, and the food/drink has to be the most tasty, scrumptious piece of satisfaction in order to go near it. I, for one, do not mess around with something that only would provide me mediocre satisfaction. It just is not worth it, in my opinion.

Anyway, we have strayed a bit from the article’s theme. The following are some ideas for healthier treats, if you need to satisfy that “treat” tooth every now and again—in increasing order of my personal liking.

“Greek Desire”

Mix about one cup of fat-free Greek yogurt (I like Oikos Plain) with one scoop of vanilla whey protein powder. (I have not tried chocolate or other flavors, but I am sure it also would taste good). I choose Greek yogurt, because it has about three times the protein content of regular yogurt. I choose the plain version, because it has essentially no sugar. The vanilla whey protein takes out what I would consider the “awkward” flavor of just plain Greek yogurt, and turns it into a fabulous vanilla-flavored Greek yogurt that is both high in protein and low in sugar. To this concoction, I add roughly one cup of red grapes (other fruit works as well—whatever you like); one cup of plain fiber one cereal (this gives it loads of fiber and bulk—be careful, though, as my body is adapted to super-high fiber contents); and a touch of cinnamon (actually, more like a load for me, as I love cinnamon). I know it sounds weird, and you are wondering what I was thinking when I discovered this little clique, but trust me, try it before you say another word. Feel free to put your own spin on it to cater to your needs and desires. I do not even consider this dessert. I eat it for breakfast on nearly a daily basis! That, a small square of dark chocolate, and a cup (clearing throat noises…I mean pot) of coffee are what I look forward to each and every morning.

“Peanut-Butter Freak”

OK. I am a peanut-butter freak. I could eat it plain, or on just about anything. I know other peanut-butter freaks are out there, so this one is for you. Take any type of whole-wheat tortilla. Spread about two tablespoons of peanut butter onto the tortilla. Follow this by spreading fat-free cool whip over the peanut butter. Fold it up, and enjoy! This is one of the most simple, yet very tasty, treats that my brother got me hooked on. Again, I love cinnamon, so I sprinkle some into the mix as well.

Hmm. I think I just got an idea. We could replace the cool whip in the “Peanut-Butter Freak” with the “Greek Desire” mix (minus the fruit). Well, that is my third treat tip of the day. I will perfect that one soon.

I know these ideas sound strange. Yes, I am a strange person. Try them, and decide for yourself. I would rather eat any of the above than just about any other treat I have been exposed to in my lifetime. (One exception is my mother’s monster cookies.) I hope they satisfy you as much as they do me.

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