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The website for one leading cleaning-products company states, “Having a clean bathroom, a clean kitchen, and an overall clean home are an essential part of a healthier lifestyle for the whole family.”

Certainly, no one enjoys living in a dirty home, but some products that same company sells contain high amounts of toxic chemicals harmful to children, sensitive adults, and pets…hardly the “healthy lifestyle” its customers are bargaining for. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, the air inside most homes is around two to five times more polluted than the air outside, and that pollution is the direct result of household cleaners and pesticides.

David and Cindy Bearman. Photo Courtesy of David and Cindy Bearman

David and Cindy Bearman first became interested in green cleaning products as she was battling breast cancer 11 years ago. What began as a lifestyle decision eventually inspired a business model, and they decided to start their own green cleaning company, Green Darlene, in 2008.

David Bearman says, “All of our products are nontoxic, and have been tested [for effectiveness] by their manufacturer. Some of them are even geared to clean commercial spaces. A lot of commercial properties now are using all-green products.”

Green Darlene crews bring their own specialized equipment and cleansers to each home, so a customer doesn’t have to invest in new products, or buy an expensive vacuum cleaner, to get effective, efficient service.

The company provides an almost unheard-of flexibility to its customers. Are you hosting a party, and just need someone to tidy up before or after? No problem! Moving out, and have bigger things to worry about than cleaning your old apartment? No problem!

Call Green Darlene, and it will provide a free in-home consultation to discuss your options. Services are flexible as well.

Bearman explains, “We don’t just clean. We’ll go in and change linens. We’ll do somebody’s laundry if they like that. We’ll clean out refrigerators, and even help declutter their house.”

Of course, you should consider other factors when trusting a company to come into your home. You want a company that performs thorough background checks on everyone it hires. You want a one with its own insurance and workers comp, so, for example, you’re not liable for injury when it’s on your property. You want a company that doesn’t require a lengthy service contract.

Thankfully, Green Darlene is all these things, and also is very passionate about the work it does.

Bearman shares, “We get a lot of satisfaction when we have customers who are happy and excited after their homes are cleaned by our crews.”

For more information, or to get a free estimate, call Green Darlene.

Name of Company: Green Darlene
Year Founded: 2008
President/CEO: Cindy Bearman
Number of Employees: 6
Phone: (612) 232-6573

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