Going OUT at the Movies Doubles Your Pleasure

Lavender’s OUT at the Movies is offering a special double feature at the spring event on May 14. And special it is!

Featured first is the documentary Ten More Good Years. As the current GLBT population battles for the right to be equal and to be allowed to marry, another is learning that being out and proud may be a thing of the past for them. Aging GLBT men and women who fought during the post-Stonewall era to be out without fear of being beaten or fired now are waging a new battle—with Medicaid, Medicare, and outdated tax laws that treat them unequally. Growing old and enjoying the good life is one thing many GLBT people don’t have the luxury of doing. Facing discrimination once again, many are being forced back into the closet after a lifetime of struggling to get out of it.

With Ten More Good Years starting the night out on a somber note, Coffee Date is bound to end the evening with a smile. Set up on a blind date by his brother, Barry, Todd sets out to meet Kelly, only to realize Kelly is a gay man and not a woman. To both Todd and Kelly’s surprise, they strike up a friendship, then decide to get back at Barry, reverse the joke, and stroll hand-in-hand together. Soon, Todd is confronted by his mother, who feels the need to show her son she loves him even if he is gay. No matter what Todd says, she won’t believe he really is straight—how could she possibly have missed all those signs, such as his lack of interest in sports, and loving movies and theater? To make matters worse, everyone soon is thinking Todd is an out and proud gay man. With his world turned upside down, he begins to wonder if his feelings for Kelly could be more than what he first thought. Starring gay comedian Jason Stuart, Coffee Date also has ’80s pop star Debbie Gibson.

For more information, visit www.10moregoodyears.com or www.coffeedatethemovie.com.

Lavender OUT at the Movies/ The Heights
Theatre, 3951 Central Ave. NE, Columbia Heights / May 14/ Doors Open at 6:45 PM / Movie Screens at 7:30 PM / lavendermagazi.wpengine.com/outatthemovies

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