Global Inspiration

East meets west. Cultures collide. Wordly visions. These phrases hopefully conjur the feeling within the STYLEDLIFE® Global Inspiration Theme for Spring | Summer 2009.

We all dream to travel. We experience amazing sights and sounds while away from our home base.
Why not incorporate some of these “feelings” into your personal style.

Does your awareness go beyond boundaries?

Have your traveled the world? Or dream to?

Do other cultures inspire you?

Batik prints
Monochromatic neutrals
Embroidered shirts or accessories
Tunics (most modern when worn over pants)


Products (Top to Bottom):
Aaron Irvin – Micro Fiber Large Computer Bag, $350
MZ Wallace – “Jane” in Ikat, $345
Rebel – Large Multi Flower Ring, $128
Chelsey Imports – Python Silk Scarf, $118

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