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Two types of shoppers are the hunters and the gatherers. Gatherers want to shop at a store where almost anything is easily accessible and a real possibility, if you have the cash. Hunters, on the other hand, willingly would walk into a dimly-lit warehouse full of strange odds and ends, stalking that one perfect “divine find” that may be just around the corner. I am the latter. And like many hunters, I also can be cheap. Just to give you an idea, I found my desk in an alley. Yes, I said it, and I’m damn proud of it.

Until recently, not many stores managed to bridge the gap between the two shopping styles. However, when Anthony Shane (also of Anthony Shane Florist) acquired a new and larger building, he decided to parlay his treasure-hunting hobby into a new business: Flamingos Divine Finds.

Flamingos, which celebrates its first anniversary this December, hosts monthly sales where opportunistic—i.e., hunter shoppers—can pick up unique, high-quality home decor items and jewelry for a song. Moreover, gather shoppers appreciate not having to pick through a lot of worthless, tasteless items to find something good: Flamingos vendors do it for you. Some even go so far as to renovate or repurpose items. Everything definitely is priced to go. It seems to be a successful business model.

Shane says, “We go to different sales all over the state, and we’re able to find things you’re typically not able to find in the city, so it’s a real find. Everyone likes a bargain in this economy.”

Business has grown each and every sale, which typically takes place the second week of the month, Wednesday through Sunday, 10 AM-6 PM. Just don’t wait until the very end of the sale to make up your mind. Veteran shoppers at Flamingos Divine Finds tend to show up early, and make quick decisions on hot items.

Not only can you furnish and decorate your house at rock-bottom prices at Flamingos, but also shoppers tend to appreciate that antiques having survived this long are likely to last into the future.

Shane remarks, “The newer stuff today is not made to be an heirloom to pass down.”

With delivery service available within the metro area, even a lifelong gatherer has to concede the point.

Upcoming sales are advertised online.

Name of Company: Flamingos Divine Finds
Year Founded: 2009
President/CEO: Anthony Shane
Address: 3404 Cedar Ave. S., Mpls.
Phone: (612) 767-4548
Website: flamingosdivinefinds.com
(also on Facebook)

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