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It’s a common scenario: go to the gym five days a week, work out for an hour, go home tired and sweaty, and never see any results. Randy Zarecki, owner of Fitness Together, blames the problem on simple workout inefficiency.

Zarecki says, “In a public setting, you never really know what you’re going to get—even with trainers, as far as that’s concerned. You can show up one day, the place can be super-busy, and you can wander around looking for equipment.”

Clients can have a very different experience at any one of Fitness Together’s locations throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul, working one-on-one with a highly qualified personal trainer. The program also includes a prescribed cardiovascular regimen, nutritional analysis, and regular fitness assessments to monitor progress properly. This type of targeted exercise program minimizes the amount of time clients spend at the gym, while maximizing their results.

Zarecki explains, “We work with busy executives and business owners, and their biggest challenge is just getting there. So, we hold them accountable, and then, when they get here, we give them a fast-paced, dense workout, so they get a lot done in a short amount of time. A big part of why we get the results we get is, we make people make exercise a priority in their life.”

Working with a personal trainer may sound like it’s just for professional athletes or obsessive gym rats, but Fitness Together redefines that image completely. According to Zarecki, most clients are in their 40s, and have led a sedentary lifestyle.

Zarecki shares, “We get all shapes and sizes, and we have a small handful of competitive athletes, but most of our clients are middle-aged people who simply want to look better and feel better.”

Aside from offering a much more effective workout, using a personal trainer also can make the gym experience safer. Especially if clients are unfamiliar with gym equipment and the kind of intensity they should be aiming for, injuries can occur that can set people back, instead of moving them forward.

Zarecki remarks, “One of the things in fitness programming that’s tricky, particularly when we’re talking about middle-age exercise, is that there’s a fine line between doing too little and making no progress, or doing too much and getting hurt. A fitness expert can walk that fine line.”

To begin a fitness regimen at Fitness Together, submit a short form—which asks about goals, current habits, and contact information—online.

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