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It’s safe to say mortgage companies have a bit of a PR problem right now, but for those that managed to stay in business, the reputation is usually undeserved. Here’s why: In the wake of the scandals emerging from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, surviving mortgage companies were ultimately the ones that maintained ethical business practices all along. The industry went through a pretty serious house-cleaning.

First Equity Mortgage owner David Lozinski says, “In 2005, there were 3,500 mortgage companies. In 2011, there are only 224. The 224 that have survived did the right thing for their customers.”

David Lozinski. Photo by Hubert Bonnet

First Equity Mortgage never has lost a lawsuit, and never has had so much as a complaint submitted to the Attorney General’s office.

Mpls.St.Paul Magazine listed Lozinski among the Super Mortgage Professionals in 2010. Lori and Julia of 107.1 FM personally have endorsed his company, which is quite an honor, as it’s the only mortgage company to get such a nod. Lozinski also is known as “The Gay Gourmet” on 107.1 FM’s The Cathie and Colleen Show.

Shopping for a mortgage probably isn’t on any home buyer’s list of fun ways to spend an afternoon, but one of the reasons Lozinski receives so many accolades is his willingness to sit down with a client, and explain mortgages in everyday language.

As Lozinski notes, “I have a degree in accounting and a degree in business, but my love is socializing and talking to people. You can have the smartest doctor in the world, but the best doctor has a good bedside manner.”

Lozinski, who doesn’t view himself as a salesperson, as so many loan officers tended to do in the past, declares, “If you talked to any of my clients, they’ll tell you I become friends with them. And if you’re a friend of someone, you treat them right.”

As well, Lozinski is known for helping the self-employed buy a house in today’s market, and for serving the GLBT community, including those who are in the process of transitioning, which can complicate mortgage documents if handled improperly.

First Equity Mortgage may be the only gay-owned mortgage business in the five-state area—at least, that Lozinski knows of—but for him, it’s still about the bottom line when it comes to customers.

Lozinski remarks, “Don’t come to me because we’re gay-owned. Come to me because I’m going to treat you with the respect that every individual needs. I’ll give you the best customer service, and the best interest rates I can find. We give you the best of everything, and that’s what you deserve.”

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