Fabulous Renovation of Happy Hour at Gay 90’s Is Complete: Oldest Part of Megabar Is Now the Newest

The Happy Hour bar, which debuted in 1957, is the oldest part of the Gay 90’s megabar. Now, with the completion of a fabulous renovation of the 52-year-old establishment, it’s really the newest space—the first phase of a complete remodeling of the entire Hennepin Avenue landmark.

Gone is the former drab look, and a chic new ambience prevails at the Happy Hour. Attractive stone work and cherrywood paneling line the walls. The unsightly clutter of yesteryear has given way to a rustic copper high ceiling that makes the room much more capacious. State-of-the-art LED lighting lends a warm glow. Enhancing the decor is custom-designed carpeting. A spectacular video/satellite and sound system, with 10 large HD display screens, provides endless entertainment to customers. Cushioned swivel bar stools are the ultimate in comfort.

In a nod to the past, the two stained glass windows at the Hennepin Avenue entrance remain in the redesign, but they’ve been cleansed of a half-century of grime.

The construction process, from mid-May to early July, took on the dimension of an archeological excavation. It uncovered the quaint frescoes created by Marvin Anderson in 1960, just three years after the Happy Hour opened. A renowned artist who died in 1989, he took particular pride in his restoration of the ceiling at the Swedish-American Institute in Minneapolis, among a bevy of other local achievements.

At the renovated Happy Hour, patrons have a marvelous spot to meet friends and enjoy delicious beverages served by friendly bartenders. It’s open the longest hours of any Twin Cities GLBT bar: Monday through Saturday, 8 AM-2 AM, and Sunday, 11 AM-2 AM.

Watch for the start of the next phase of the Gay 90’s remodeling—on the second floor.

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