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Ellen Page Plays Real-Life Lesbian

The who is/who isn’t rumor cloud has recently hovered over adorable, Oscar-nominated Juno star Ellen Page. (She even added to it on a Saturday Night Live sketch in which she stated her desire to “hug another woman with my legs in friendship.”) On the flip side of funny, Page just signed on to play Stacie Andree, the partner of lesbian police lieutenant Laurel Hester, who was involved in a years-long battle that changed the face of domestic-partner rights. After being diagnosed with cancer, Hester’s attempts to will her pension benefits to Andree were denied because the women weren’t legally married. Eventually, after a lengthy court battle, Hester won, although she lost her life to cancer weeks after the decision. The film will be directed by Cynthia Wade, who won an Oscar for Freeheld, a documentary about Hester and Andree; no word yet on when shooting will start on a film some are already calling “the lesbian Philadelphia.”

Leo, Metcalf Go Behind Bars for L Word Spinoff

Alice Pieszecki goes to prison! That’s apparently the premise of The Farm, the upcoming spinoff of The L Word featuring Leisha Hailey reprising her rebellious bisexual character. (Did it become a crime to wear cute little Marc Jacobs tops? Is that what she’s in for?) And Hailey won’t be the only hard-timer turning up the caged heat: Melissa Leo, who got rave reviews for the 2008 indie Frozen River, is slated to play a “correctional officer” (i.e., butch prison guard), while Roseanne’s Laurie Metcalf will portray the warden of California’s Humboldt State Farm and Prison for Women. And who’ll be the first lucky lady to snag femme Alice as her prison wife? Anyone’s guess, but look for cool indie actress Yolonda Ross—no stranger to the crossbar hotel after her role as a lesbian inmate in Cheryl Dunye’s Stranger Inside—to pop up in a supporting role when The Farm premieres on Showtime later this year or in early 2010.

Rosie and Lindsay Smile for Teenage Paparazzi

A common complaint among celebrities today is how they can’t walk down the street without being hounded by those persistent shutterbugs known as the paparazzi. What does the popularity of candid photos of the famous say about our society? That’s what Adrian Grenier hopes to explore in his upcoming documentary, Teenage Paparazzi. He’s certainly lined up an interesting array of interviewees—the film will feature insights from many of Grenier’s fellow victims of the “paps,” including his Entourage co-star Kevin Connolly, celebrity lesbians Rosie O’Donnell and Lindsay Lohan, and the oft-photographed Paris Hilton, Alec Baldwin, Eva Longoria Parker, Whoopi Goldberg, and Mario Lopez. Also providing insight will be comedian Lewis Black and intellectual semiotician Noam Chomsky. Hopefully, this will be more entertaining to watch than a million flashbulbs going off in your face when Teenage Paparazzi surfaces later in 2009.

Oxygen Inhales Hogs & Heifers

If you’re doing a reality show about sexy women who can dance on bars, breathe fire, and intimidate men, you’ve got to figure that a few of the players are going to be lesbians (or at least very naughty straight girls out to shock their moms). Which is why the announcement of Hogs & Heifers on the Oxygen network lineup sounds like such fun. If you saw the delightfully silly Coyote Ugly, you know the general premise behind New York’s world-famous Hogs & Heifers bar—hot chicks behaving outrageously and partying heartier than any man in the joint. The new show will follow the day-to-day life of H&H owner Michelle Dell and her saucy, foul-mouthed bartenders, and it promises to be all kinds of over-the-top. And isn’t that (along with staged conflicts) what reality TV is all about? Hogs & Heifers buys the first round on Oxygen later this year.

Romeo San Vicente is no stranger to dancing on bars. He can be reached care of this publication or at [email protected].

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