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Don Roos Goes to the Dogs

You probably already have seen the teasers for Marley & Me, featuring Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston chasing an adorable puppy down the beach to the theme from Chariots of Fire. So, what possibly could be gay about this comedy, based on the best-selling book about a family that learns valuable life lessons from their dog? Plenty. For one thing, the screenplay is being cowritten by Don Roos, the hilarious genius behind such dark, man-on-man-inclusive comedies as The Opposite of Sex and Happy Endings. Add to that director David Frankel, whose most recent gig pre-Marley was guiding Meryl Streep to an umpteenth Oscar nomination in the fabulous The Devil Wears Prada. Be on the lookout for witty, queer, yet family-friendly subtext when Marley scampers into theaters on Christmas Day.

Guinevere Turner Taps the Feed

She’s a successful actress and screenwriter, a pioneer among out-of-the-closet movie stars, and one of the sexiest women in Hollywood. So, Romeo always is thrilled to hear about a new project involving lesbian dynamo Guinevere Turner. If you haven’t checked out the recently released “Guinevere Turner Signature Edition” of her ’90s kink-comedy Preaching to the Perverted already, pick it up. She next will grace the screen in Feed, an indie drama about a media-obsessed blogger who shoots a video that winds up on the 5 o’clock news—the leak of the clip puts her and her fellow underground newsies in grave danger. The directorial debut of (female) filmmaker Mel Robertson, Feed is expected to beam onto the big screen before the end of 2008.

The L Word’S Shelley Faces a Terrifying Day

During Rachel Shelley’s stint playing ditsy Brit heiress Helena Peabody on The L Word, we’ve seen the character be a spoiled brat, an amorous convict, a compulsive gambler, a Hollywood hotshot, and a doting mom. Shelley gets parental once again in the upcoming horror film The Day, but with a completely different spin. The new movie, set on Christmas Day, has vacationing parents fighting to survive when their formerly adorable children suddenly turn on Mums and Daddy. That’ll teach you not to buy everything on their holiday wish list! The Day, costarring Stephen Campbell Moore (The History Boys, The Bank Job), is set for release this year in the United Kingdom, and later (meaning nobody knows when) in the United States.

Lindsay’s Got Labor Pains

Unlike other Hollywood party girls, Lindsay Lohan is a talented actress in everything from The Parent Trap to Mean Girls to A Prairie Home Companion. Now, she’s taking advantage of the recently developed “glass closet” phenomenon in Hollywood—that means she doesn’t speak to the press about it, but clearly is involved with British DJ Samantha Ronson, and not shy about demonstrating it. If Lohan is indeed a lesbian now (or “just for now”), it means she’s at least as welcome on our team as Anne Heche used to be. Lohan will be seen next in Labor Pains, a comedy about a woman who has to spend nine months pretending to be pregnant. Also featuring such comedy greats as Cheryl Hines, Janeane Garofalo, and Willie Garson (Sex and the City), it will burst forth into theaters in 2009.

Romeo San Vicente dated a DJ once. You thought a joke about 12 inches was going to be in there, didn’t you? Never assume. He can be reached care of this publication, or at [email protected]

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