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The L Word Spins Off…But to Where?

Bittersweet days are ahead for Romeo…er, for rabid fans of The L Word. The final season—and a cruelly truncated, eight-episode miniseason at that—approaches in January 2009. And then—that’s it. A future of Dana and Dawn Denbo on DVD, at best, seems to await the faithful. But now, new hope is on the horizon. Cocreator Ilene Chaiken is at work on a spin-off series that will follow one of the characters as she embarks on a new chapter in life. No other details are known at this time, especially not the identity of the new show’s star. But strong contenders would seem to be bold, mouthy Alice (Leisha Hailey) or womanizing heartthrob Shane (Katherine Moennig), but don’t discount sophisticated Type-A Bette (Jennifer Beals) or superdiva Jenny (Mia Kirshner). No matter who it is, the flock surely will follow.

Gore Vidal Sees a Shrink

He has outlived his peers and even some people from younger generations. He has written iconic novels like Myra Breckinridge and films such as Suddenly Last Summer. He’s openly gay, often irascibly so. At 82, he hasn’t seen fit to retire from life yet. So, it’s fitting that Gore Vidal has taken on a small role in the latest film from producer Kevin Spacey, Shrink. Also starring Spacey and gay actor Dallas Roberts (The L Word), it’s the story of a Los Angeles psychiatrist who becomes a pothead in order to cope with personal tragedy. No word, really, on who Vidal’s character is, but it would be kind of cool if he played the thugged-out dope dealer, wouldn’t it? Unless it’s not a comedy. Then, it would be somewhat inappropriate. Watch for this one to get small on the big screen in 2009.

TV’s Final Frontier: The Gay Car

If you were a kid in the 1980s, you probably watched Knight Rider, the show about David Hasselhoff and the talking Trans Am with superpowers named KITT. Now that you’re all grown up, the concept has been rebooted for this fall’s TV season. The new series comes complete with a hot young cast, a more tech-advanced car that can go into transforming attack mode, and…a sexual orientation? Well, probably not. But in recent interviews, the series creators have joked about KITT being gay, thanks to their own childhood ideas about the original KITT’s snooty, know-it-all, diva-like behavior. Val Kilmer, who played a gay guy in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, is the new KITT’s voice, so here’s hoping he throws a little gay accent our way.

Romeo San Vicente, who cared less about the Trans Am and more about the moments when Hasselhoff would take off his shirt, can be reached care of this publication, or at [email protected]

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