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The New Sexual Orientation of Old Christine

Plenty of TV shows have replaced actors in a role. If you turned your back for a minute, Roseanne had a new Becky, and Dynasty a new Steven. But The New Adventures of Old Christine is getting an entirely different sort of makeover, at least for a while. Latest reports are that star Julia Louis Dreyfus’s character (the “old” Christine of the title) will marry a character to be played by Wanda Sykes (Curb Your Enthusiasm). Why this is happening, how long the plotline is meant to last, and what it means to Christine’s prior heterosexuality are all open to speculation. Call it “gay for ratings” maybe. But now, you probably will be tuning in, even if you never did before, right?

Dance, Lance, Dance

Sure, Justin Timberlake is the most famous former member of ’N Sync, but it could be argued that Lance Bass is the coolest. Evidence: He got outed by the tabloids, and didn’t seem to care that much; he lets criticism roll off his back; and he’s willing to goof around on camera with pal Kathy Griffin on My Life on the D-List. So, it’s no surprise that the erstwhile boy-bander is jumping onboard for the next season of the hugely successful Dancing with the Stars. Of course, the talk is all about his partner: Will he be paired with a female or male contestant? At this point, only the ballroom dancing powers that be know for sure, but no matter whom he winds up twirling, he’s going to be tough to beat.

Sean Hayes Comes Out as Bi-Coastal

Does it really matter if Sean Hayes ever goes public with his own mysterious sexual orientation if most of the characters he has played are gay anyway? That question surely will surround his latest project, if it eventually makes it to an HDTV near you. The pilot on his mind is called Bi-Coastal, a sitcom about the secret, complicated life of man with a wife and kids in California, and a boyfriend in New York. That’s the essence of comedy, really—taking pain, and turning it into laughs. No word yet on whether Hayes simply would be the show’s creator, or if he’d star as the bi guy in question. Either way, it all sounds pretty “funcomfortable.”

Romeo San Vicente is all gay all the time, no matter what coast he’s on. He can be reached care of this publication, or at <[email protected]>.

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