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Consumer interest in car insurance is a bit of a paradox, according to Davina Baldwin, an insurance agent with State Farm. Many people are looking to save money by cutting back on their insurance coverage, but at the same time, more and more motorists are completely uninsured, upping your risk of liability.

Davina Baldwin. Photo Courtesy of Davina Baldwin

As Baldwin states, “In this day and age, where you know people are cutting corners, you don’t want to drop your liability protection down, and to take the risk that the person who hits you may not have it either.”

Also, Baldwin urges families to continue to protect their long-term financial outlook with adequate life insurance, saying, “If you think it’s hard now, think of if that person is eliminated from the picture entirely.”

Baldwin understands that families are facing hard times, and cuts need to come from somewhere, so she will work with her clients to make sure they’re not risking their entire financial future to save on premiums.

For homeowners who would like to go to a larger deductible, Baldwin recommends not making the switch until saving enough money to cover any unexpected emergencies that would fall under the new deductible.

Unfortunately, GLBT families often carry an extra financial burden, in that they’re not always the recipients of some discounts married couples are. Baldwin works with her clients to make sure they’re eligible for as many deals as possible.

Baldwin points out, “I think it’s important when I look at our community, the GLBT community, that you have an ally within a conservative structure. And the big thing for our community is knowing that some of the discounts married couples are getting, we can still get. It just might require someone like me to help you get them.”

Oftentimes, getting a huge discount can be as simple as adding a name to a vehicle title.

Baldwin recognizes that State Farm doesn’t aim to be the cheapest insurance company on the market, but she feels strongly that customers get what they pay for in coverage and in service.

“You can save all the money in the world,” Baldwin remarks, “but the real value comes in when you know that the time you have a serious issue, you’ve got the appropriate coverage.”

To speak with Baldwin about your insurance needs or the purchase of mutual funds, call (763) 535-4788.

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