Cryogenics Laboratories Incorporated: More Than 30 Percent of Its Clientele is Gay, Lesbian, or Transgender

Choosing to become biological parents through donor insemination and surrogacy, many GLBT parents are partnering with a resource that works with individuals to nourish our changing definition.

With a clientele that is more than 30 percent gay, lesbian, or transgender, Cryogenic Laboratories (CLI) Incorporated surpasses a normative business that is “simply” in the industry of making babies.

Amy Erickson Hagen, CLI Roseville Site Manager, says, “Recognizing that families are diverse and beautiful, we aim to provide a large selection of the highest quality of donor sperm that allows people to choose a donor that matches the characteristics they desire, with extensive testing to ensure their health and well-being. CLI is unique in that the products and services are affordably priced, without compromising quality, testing, or selection.”

Accredited by the Association of American Tissue Banks, CLI is one of the few banks fully compliant with FDA regulations. CLI offers unique donor selection counseling and matching.

Providing many people with the ability to start or continue their family, banks such as CLI highlight the importance of sperm donation and preservation.

Erickson Hagen adds, “Estimating over 5,000 children are born each year through donor insemination, we have the challenging job of finding sperm donors, screening them through an intensive process of questionnaires, genetic and infectious-disease testing, general health examinations, and characterization of their personalities, which leads to the assembling of a great deal of information on sperm donors to assist clients in making the best choice for them.”

For more information on CLI, visit or call (800) 466-2796.

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