City Gentleman

The City Gentleman is a refined man who has not lost his edge.

So too are his accessories, polished and hip… never contrived or stuffy.

The City Gentleman likes his music.  While Red Martini is the perfect choice for an at home CD, when on the run… an iPod is the way to go. The sleek iPod case from Dunhill is as cool as his choices in music.

When on a date, the City Gentleman is quick to pick up the tab for the man of his dreams. Cash and a card are held secure in this mock alligator money clip.

For a guy who is a City Gentleman, being on time for a show or workout is essential. A watch from Android keeps time and  looks sexy on the wrist.

Details count! Whether the splash of color, unexpected cufflink or dashing hat… one or two are a must every day.
When it is time to unwind at the end of the night the Dunhill Sidecar ball point pen is a perfect writing companion when sitting down to write the lyrics to a song or  do a journal entry for a future autobiography.

If you are the kind of guy who appreciates the fine things in life, but still can navigate downtown and the late night party… you too are a City Gentleman.

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