Casual Chic | Casual Cool

Fashion should be fun and above all easy. In fact, we all know and admire that friend or co-worker who oozes effortless style. This easy, breezy style is the essence of STYLEDLIFE fashion theme “Casual Chic | Casual Cool”.

The theme is based on a concept of casual elegance in both men’s and women’s style of dress. Americans in general are more casual than many western societies and our ability to feel comfortable and dress casually while also retaining sophistication is an ideal “sweet spot” in fashion.

It’s easy. Take your summer clothes, add dynamite accessories, focus on your personal style and presto, instant Casual Cool | Casual Chic.

Please keep these ideas in mind when trying to express your casual chic and cool side.

Think: White is Right. Add a lightweight scarf for sophistication and modernity.
Think: Colored sunglasses. Green is fresh and modern.
Think: Colored sunglasses. Green is fresh and modern.
Think: Head first. The hat is the key accessory for summer… guys embrace this look!
Think: Music. Cruise the loop with new import music from Europe.

Live your best life…your STYLEDLIFE.

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