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It is difficult to quantify the value of visual art, simply by virtue of what it is: perhaps the ultimate subjective medium. An expressive painting, even though it may be an abstract, instantly is recognizable as “art” even to a novice. But a complete and reliable definition of the term “art” is difficult to come by, even for an expert.

Additionally, one sculpture or painting may speak to one individual, but not to another. Thus, the experience of buying art for your home or office can be intimidating. Then, you have to consider the framing and the installation, and, of course, the expense.

The Art Outlet makes the experience easier on clients in every way possible by offering deeply discounted pieces that already are framed appropriately.

Leslie Palmer-Ross, Director of Art Services at The Art Outlet, says, “It’s wonderful, because they can walk in, and often there are things they can buy and take home that day that are appropriate for their space. If not, then we do have the ability to custom-frame and bring in artwork that will specifically fill their needs.”

With a range of pieces discounted between 25 and 80 percent, The Art Outlet has something for every taste and budget. Framed posters usually range from $68 to $79, while original pieces can be priced up to several thousand dollars.

The shop does its framing in-house. It will install pieces if clients wish. Additionally, its sister company, Art Holdings, can assist clients with finding works of art to meet more specific needs.

Palmer-Ross explains, “If someone is looking for a work from a particular artist, for example, or they want a wall sculpture created from glass, we have a whole range of artists to draw from to do site-specific work as well.”

It is certainly more difficult in these financial times to justify the purchase of what commonly is deemed a luxury, but having art in one’s home or office can have surprising effects.

As Palmer-Ross points out, “Studies have shown that your environment affects productivity and how you feel.”

Palmer-Ross also attests to art’s power to support a corporate brand identity: “Some companies are very conscious about wanting to create an image, whether it’s a financial company representing stability, or a marketing firm that wants to show they’re edgy and creative. Art can really communicate that quality that a business might want to portray.”

It’s also a lovely excuse to get to know local artists and the work they’re doing.

Palmer-Ross remarks, “There’s so much work happening, and so many artists, there’s always something new. And to be able to share that with our clients is just as meaningful to them.”

Name of Company: The Art Outlet
Year Founded: 1999
President/CEO: Greg Hennes
Number of Employees: 3
Address: 6210 Wayzata Blvd., Mpls.
Phone: (763) 567-2212
Web Site:

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