Business Profile: Pat Gleason

Even with every media outlet speculating on the housing market—whether it’s a good time to buy, and when to consider refinancing—it’s still difficult to get solid, reliable information. Bottom line: The only way to find out whether you qualify to be preapproved for a loan, or should consider refinancing, is to speak with a loan officer, according to Pat Gleason, a Home Mortgage Consultant with Wells Fargo Mortgage.

Gleason remembers when it was much more difficult for members of the GLBT community to do so: “Nineteen years ago, a realtor asked me if I would help him with an event, which was Gay Pride. I saw there was a need, because people didn’t understand the home-buying process, and 19 years ago, people were scared to approach a loan officer purchasing together with their partner.”

Though things have changed for the better, Gleason knows her GLBT clients are still much more comfortable working with someone who is a strong ally.

Now would seem to be a slow time for loan officers, but Gleason’s office actually is experiencing the opposite.

As Gleason explains, “We are overwhelmed with refinances and purchases right now. Most people are looking to get a lower interest rate, and some people are looking to get a new loan that is no longer an adjustable.”

Gleason’s popularity is largely because of referrals from her 23 years in the business. Some of her specialties are working with first-time homebuyers and condominium financing, but she also credits a large part of her success to her people skills.

“People like working with me, because I’m very calm,” Gleason shares.

Gleason encourages new homebuyers to apply online initially (a 20- to 30-minute process), but also makes time to meet clients in person to make sure they fully understand the process.

More information about home buying and refinancing is available at www.patgleasonon, including a refinancing calculator, a rent-versus-buy calculator, and a downloadable first-time homebuyer’s guide.

Wells Fargo Mortgage offers its clients the Wells Fargo Closing Guarantee, which ensures on-time closing, or the company will pay the equivalent of your first month’s principal and interest.

To schedule a free consultation, visit the Web site, or call (612) 667-1257.

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