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You’ve been charged with indecent exposure. It sounds like a minor offense, so you don’t fight it. Or perhaps you are being investigated for a crime, and because the police officers appear to be allies, you give them all the information you can. Both of the above are common mistakes that may have serious consequences, according to attorney Jeff Dean.

Regarding the first scenario, Dean explains, “It’s a misdemeanor, and it’s a seemingly minor offense, but those convictions can result in the accused having serious restrictions on his liberty, such as jail time. I have seen judges treat people convicted of those offenses as sexual predators—the judge will order no use of the Internet or alcohol, and order random home visits by probation officers.”

Also, police officers commonly will pose as allies when they really are trying to gather incriminating evidence.

As Dean notes, “The first thing I advise people in a consultation is to not talk to the police. People believe that they are obligated to talk to the police, and if they do not, it’s going to make them look guilty. You may say something you think is helpful, and it may actually be harmful to your case, and at best will do nothing.”

Bottom line: If you are being investigated, you need to consult with an experienced defense lawyer.

His passion for criminal defense got its start at an early age, when Dean was growing up in a large family of five siblings in Minnesota. He derives great satisfaction from spending time in the courtroom defending his clients. Over the years, he has become more and more visible in the media for his work.

Dean offers free consultations at his office, 10 South Fifth Street, Suite 700, in the Lumber Exchange Building, Downtown Minneapolis. He specializes in defending clients against charges of DWI, assault, criminal sexual conduct, drug crimes, homicide, and theft. He is well-versed in dealing with forfeitures and expungement—the latter is the process of having a record sealed, so that it does not show up in a criminal background check.

Dean remarks, “That’s important, because even if a defendant has their charges dismissed, or their conviction is later vacated under a plea agreement, the records of the initial arrest—the fact that they were charged, the fact that they were under suspicion—and the record of conviction, if any, is still there.”

To make an appointment, call (612) 395-4360, or fill out a free case consultation form at

Name of Company: Jeff Dean Law Office
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Address: 10 S. 5th St., ste. 700
Phone: (612) 305-4360
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