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Amazon Lives On

Founded in 1970, Amazon Bookstore in Minneapolis is the oldest feminist bookstore in the country. Though it has been through a number of owner and location changes, the bookstore has managed to survive for nearly 40 years.

Until recently, Amazon was in danger of going the way of other now-defunct community bookstores such as A Brother’s Touch and Query. However, at the last minute, partners Ruta Skujins and Joann Bell made the decision to purchase the business, and keep its doors open.

Amazon Bookstore is noted for having a large variety of literature and reference materials on topics ranging from feminism to children’s books. At times a well-kept secret, it is a valuable resource for the entire community.

Make sure to stop by and support the new owners.

Amazon Bookstore

4755 Chicago Ave. S.
(612) 821-9630

A Sad Good-bye for Theater Lovers

After more than 30 years, Theatre De La Jeune Lune is closing its doors for the final time. Despite its best efforts, the company amassed more than $1 million in debt in the past decade. In June, the theater’s board of directors met, and decided to shut down.

Known for its incredible range of theatrical performances, from classic opera to modern experimental and collaborative productions, the company’s hundreds of performers have made their mark not just locally, but also nationally and internationally as well. Three years ago, it was awarded a Tony for outstanding regional theater to acknowledge its already lustrous past.

The performers, producers, and sponsors are committed to making sure that theater and art production remain strong within the community. Though Theatre De La Jeune Lune is going dark permanently, its legacy of creativity and passion is sure to live on.

5100 Eden Ave, Suite 107 • Edina, MN 55436
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